About the author

I started this blog on the 9th November 2016. Originally I shared my thoughts in what some thought was very long facebook posts, many asked me to collect them in one place, rather than having them on a medium that was very hard to search. Personally I really don’t like to put my thoughts and ideas up on a stage like this one, so read it as it is intended: Me sharing my opinions and thoughts among friends and strangers. I don’t consider them the final truth or in some way more incredible than any other set of ideas, but to appease my little audience, I’ve decided to share them here.

My background for writing here is a life-long study of philosophy and a practice of teaching both dance and martial arts. During my late twenties I took up doing therapy and am still doing this although less than before. I have great passion for the ecology of consciousness and general information/systems theory.

I hope that my thoughts here inspire you to find your own way. Hack your way through the wilderness of wild thinking and moving. I hope that your whole being comes into the world I also inhabit and that we some day meet.

There are two options to contact me personally (and feel free to do so):
Me on Facebook

Should you feel the need to meet me personally I am located in Copenhagen, Denmark (that’s a small country in Scandinavia). You can also find me around the world at dance festivals as I have a huge passion for contact improvisation and blues/fusion dancing.