Theis Egeberg

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Playfully ignorant - Creating a little magic - IQ 154
Dance instructor, Inventor and Therapist
Founded a new company: EX2, this time with my lovely brother Tørk. It's been an old dream to do something together, and finally we're doing it. Also I really wanted to do offline stuff with real people and food. So an Italian food fair in Tivoli was the thing: Taste of Italy. So hurray, a huge success and also now looking to do the next big event in August 2013.
This has been a while in development. MusiCue is a music player for iPhone/iPod/iPad designed from the ground up to help dance teachers teach. The original version was done in November 2011 but I didn't feel like it really worked the way I wanted it to. After a lot of interface tests I finally made what I always dreamed of having when teaching dancing myself.
Spent most of 2011 inventing and developing the game Blocker for iOS devices with one of my favourite people in the world Balder Olrik, that was a lot of fun! The whole thing was sold to investors so now I'm off to do other things.